7 Funny Cartoons About Zombies

It’s a good thing a real life World War Z hasn’t broken out yet, and that zombie apocalypses aren’t real (even though sometimes they make the news). Otherwise, these animated shorts about zombies wouldn’t be nearly as hilarious. Here are 7 funny zombie cartoons:



Good thing pets can’t be zombies… right?


Don’t Feed The Zombies

I hope and pray that Scrat is next.



That’s the worst way to fire a guy.


Bambi II: Zombi

When you’re a kid, you wish Bambi’s mom wouldn’t die. Now you wish she’d just stay dead.


Remains To Be Seen w/ The Happy Tree Friends

That moose was pretty happy about burying all those innocent animals!


Boby Le Zombie

Maybe try e-Zomb-mony?


“Zombie Apocalypse” – Kirby Krackle

Zombie Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon, turn on the TV for the zombie news…


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