10 Rap Challenges Completed By DeStorm

DeStorm’s got one of the most subscribed to YouTube channels and he deserves his millions of views. Who else gives their subscribers the opportunity to suggest rap song ideas to as talented an MC as DeStorm? He might have 99 problems (I wouldn't know!), but a rap challenge ain’t one. Here are 10 rap challenges completed by DeStorm:


Rap The Rules To Monopoly

This one goes out to all the haters – aka Community Chumps.


Rap In Book Titles

You can learn more about how great a rapper DeStorm is at your local library.


Rap In Country Names

Yakko has met his match.


Rap In Candy Names

I snickered through this one.


Rap The Rules To Chess

Grandmaster MC


Rap In Movie Titles

This deserves a Special Achievement Oscar.


Rap In Pig Latin



Rap In Alphabetical Order

It’s not as easy as ABC.


Rap About Doing Laundry

Here’s another rap to Tide you over.


Rap About Solving A Rubik’s Cube

Whenever I ask, “how you get the middle corners,” it sounds as whiny as that.


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