Crystal Reed on ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 2

When I saw Crystal Reed on the red carpet at the Paley Center for Media in her sparkling silver dress, it was all I could do to remain professional. Then when she met me she complimented my eyes. So after I got over swooning I tried to interview her about “Teen Wolf” season two and the DVD of season one.


CraveOnline: Is Allison on the hunt this year?

Crystal Reed: She’s on the hunt. She’s on the hunt at the beginning of the season for this creature. She’s trying to help Stiles and Scott find it. It’s cool because they have this threesome dynamic. It reminds me of Harry Potter, and then towards the end of this season she’s on the hunt for a lot more. Something really bad happens to her family and she pulls a complete 180. It’s really interesting.

CraveOnline: Does that involve a lot more action for you?

Crystal Reed: Yeah. It involves a lot of action. She’s been learning the tricks of the trade from her dad. He’s been teaching her and training her and she gets to put them to good use. I got to do my own stunts which I’m really, really grateful for. I think there’s something to be said for being physical in acting. I got to use a few new weapons. I had this incredible stunt coordinator who is really kind and was patient with us. It’s really interesting.

CraveOnline: What are some of the cool weapons?

Crystal Reed: I got to use a knife, a dagger, a bow and a gun. It’s so cool.

CraveOnline: It sounds like a lot of monster activity. Is there any time for high school?

Crystal Reed: Yeah, there’s not a lot of time for high school. I think maybe in the middle of the episodes, Scott’s failing his classes and Allison’s like, “I’ll take care of this. Go study” because you sort of forget about everything else going on. Classmates are dying and your friends are dying. Yeah, we don’t see a lot of high school studying this year.

CraveOnline: Is there any new romantic interest or complications?

Crystal Reed: Yeah, we have four new cast mates who I’m thrilled [about.] They’re so incredible and really, really talents and they bring a whole other thing to our show. Scott has a new love interest as well. Somebody’s interested in Scott and somebody’s interested in Allison so it’s fun.

CraveOnline: How does it feel to be doing a season two of a show?

Crystal Reed: It feels great. It was all so massive for me because I went from serving sushi and eating ramen noodles to booking a pilot and skip to here. So it’s great to be here, especially in this place because so many cool things have happened and iconic moments. I’m really grateful.

CraveOnline: Did you get to do commentary on the DVD?

Crystal Reed: I didn’t. I was working on another film so Dylan [O’Brien] plays my voice I think. He’s so funny and talented. I hope he did me justice.