8 Funny Fight Clubs

Man, I see in these Fight Club videos the strongest and smartest internet parody videos that have ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see silliness. God damn it, an entire generation recording footage, editing on Final Cut Pro, uploading themselves to YouTube. Just remember the final rule: if this is your first time seeing “8 Funny Fight Clubs,” you have to play one of these videos…


Smash Bros. Brawl Club

What would Tyler Diddy do?


Jane Austen’s Fight Club

They hit each other with extreme prejudice.


Fight Club for Senior Citizens

So this is what goes on at my grandma’s retirement home.


Cuddle Club

Cat cuddle clubs are cute. Adult men cuddle clubs are weird.


Jewish Fight Club

Well, eating is a nicer way to spend the evening.


Fight Like A Girl Club

The obvious reason is that they should all be very embarrassed with themselves.


Wizard Club

This is what happens if you don’t get the owl.


Meme Club

The first rule of Meme Club is probably something about 4Chan.


Bonus: Ferris Club

Bueller. Bueller. Bue– *PUNCH*


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