7 X-Men Muppets

Humans hate and fear what they don’t understand, and by “humans,” I’m mostly referring to Doc Hopper and Charles Grodin. These are the X-Muppets, who are sworn to protect a world that fears them with animal puns, strange pop song covers and a weirdo who shoots himself out of a cannon. “To me, my X-Muppets!” Here are 7 X-Men Muppet mashup drawings:


Kermit the Cyclops

It’s not easy being a mutie.


Miss Piggoenix

Punches Kermit out of anger. He’s no longer in this solar system.



He can sneak into chicken coops undetected!


The Beastly Comedian

Oh my stars and garters and whoopee cushions.


Professor H and Beakneto

I knew Beaker would eventually snap.



No wonder he has trouble with Jean Grey. He keeps shouting “WOMAN” at her.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!