9 Awkward Moments From The Mega Man Cartoon

Dr. Wily is up to his old tricks! He’s inserted poorly written dialogue and badly directed animation sequences into the 1995 Saturday morning Mega Man cartoon! Team up with your robot dog Rush to watch these videos and laugh at them. Everyone’s counting on you, Blue Bomber! Here are 9 awkward moments from the Mega Man cartoon:


Men Transforming Into Lion Men

This is on every furry’s YouTube playlist.


How Pharohman Reacts To Getting His Power Stolen

Answer: Not like a giant woos.


Built Stronger Than Humpty Dumpty



Dr. Wily Ruins A Couple’s Night Out

Wait for it.


“But I Thought You Were Happy With Us!”

Poor Guts Man. He’ll never earn Dr. Wily’s love.


Worst Commercial Break Ever

Oh no! A slowly moving chandelier!


Dr. Pedo?

It’s probably Dr. Petto, but either way, that guy seems creepy.


"Cutman is Incompetent": A Clip Show

Oh Cutman, you’re such a f***-up!


Mega Man’s One Weakness

It’s a wonder Dr. Wily doesn’t have more plans related to Mt. Rushmore.


Bonus: Lack of Social Awareness Mega Man

If only there was a Social Awarenessman he could defeat.


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