7 Videos You Shouldn’t Watch if You’re Terrified of Heights

It takes a special kind of person to willingly throw themselves off/clamber their way up a ludicriously high building with only a rope preventing them from falling to a grisly death. It takes an even more special kind of person to do so without the aid of a rope.

Here are 7 instances of thrill-seeking lunatics caught on camera:


Sitting on the Burj Khalifa

To give you a little perspective, here is a photograph of the building that these guys are sitting on top of:



The World's Scariest Job

We're not sure what your wages are mate, but whatever you're being paid, it's not worth it. We hear Starbucks are hiring…


Just Another Russian Kid With No Fear

In Soviet Russia, heights are afraid of you.


A Successful Bungee Jump

We're not entirely sure that we'd enjoy plummeting several hundred foot to the ground below whilst our fall was soundtracked by Black Sabbath's 'Changes', but hey, at least this guy made it…


A Not So Successful Bungee Jump

…Unlike this girl, who found out the hard way that jumping off of a bridge with just a rope attached to your feet isn't always a good idea.


Seriously, Can't You Russians Stay on the Ground?

Russians seem to have a real problem with walking horizontally, with this guy being another example of one who can't seem to keep his feet on the ground like a normal person.


And Then There's This Guy.

What's most impressive about this is that the guy managed to lift up both himself AND his gigantic testicles.