The Greatest NERF Battles in history.

Check out this list of the best nerf battles, pics and videos in all of eHistory.

The Great Office War

Epic NERF action.


Remember NERF is about perefection and timing.


Bloodiest Nerf War EVER!

Even the most sacred of holidays is not safe from the dangers of a spontaneous NERF battle.


Nerf War

So apparently even men … and women of the cloth can get behind a good old fashioned NERF war… though I should mention the loser in this video was later stoned. So sad.


No on is safe in NERF!



All is Fair in Love and Nerf

I just like that the dad calls his son Dude.


Badass Kid Pulls Tooth with Nerf Gun

Remember folks, sometimes man is at war with another man, and sometimes, he is at war with himself… and NERF is always the answer!

I seriously did not believe this would happen at all!


Violent Toy Warfare Music Video

Finally, there is this epicness.

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