Step Up 5 Already in the Works


Step Up Revolution, the fourth Step Up dance film, is out July 27 but producer Adam Shankman revealed they are already working on Step Up 5. Shankman was promoting the movie he directed, Rock of Ages, this weekend, and shared his humorous frustrations with coming up with a fifth dance story.

“They just talked to me because they love the movie so much, they just talked to me about 5,” Shankman said. “I was like, ‘If I have to come up with one more reason for people to save the world one dance at a time, I will kill myself. I can’t do it anymore.’ But people keep coming, they’re going to keep making them. Do you know how well these movies do internationally? It’s crazy.”

High class problems. Shankman did give us some details on why Step Up Revolution will leave us hungry for more.

“It is the best dancing by far we’ve had in any of the movies,” he started.

Wait, even more awesome than Step Up 3D? They had that robot guy! “Yeah, because now we’ve put back what we did in the first one which is we put a ton of different styles in there. [Choreographer] Travis Wall does all this contemporary stuff, [choreographers] Jamal [Sims], Chris Scott. Literally it’s sexier. We put more real story back into it because it was starting to go off the rails a little bit.”

CraveOnline will be back with more Step Up news as soon as we bounce off these trampolines.