Hilarious Mechanical Bull Riding Fails!


There is not a single person alive who has walked into a bar, seen a mechanical bull and said, “I don’t want to ride that.” LIAR!!! Everyone wants to try and ride the bull! Why? Because it looks freakin’ easy, but for some reason it’s REALLY hard to do! Especially when you've drank enough beer to kill to small child.

Some people are really into it. They look like this (minus the modern-day handjobs):

So this week, we here at CRAVE have gotten into the bull ‘rasslin mood — puttin' on our spurs, five-gallon hats, and have scoured the internet for the funniest mechanical bull riding fails we could find. 

Take a look:


There She Blows!

The Titanic put up a bigger fight that this fish. 


Mama Said Knock You Out!

This is a typical Southern mating ritual. 


I Want This Guy To Die In A Fire

I hope he popped a testicle and can't have kids. Douche Bag. 





This Could Be Someone's Mother

Love the fact she 69's the bull at the *start* of the video.


And Just for Sh*ts and Giggles

Revenge is a dish best served naked. 


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