43 Things to Memorialize on Memorial Day

Times to remember, people to morn, things that are buried, and those that refuse to be. This Memorial Day, after the BBQ’s and sending our armed forces your dues, make sure to recall those things truly in need of memorializing.

It could be a person, place, or thing. And it has to be either mourned that it's gone, or noted for even existing in the first place. It's like what 9GAG is to Nicktoons.

Here’s what to really memorialize on Memorial Day:  

1. G.I. Joe: Retaliation moved back to 2013


2. The Age of Innocence

3. Pet rocks

4. Macho Man Randy Savage

5. The last beer in the cooler during a fishing trip

6. Print media


7. Trees

8. Grandma

9. Grandpa

10. Dan Harmon (too soon?)

11. That awkward $1.34 left on your Starbucks gift card

12. Your girlfriend going off birth control

13. College (recent graduates only)

14. Jalapeno Cheddar flavored 3D Doritos

15. The time before Star Wars Episode I came out

16. Michael Jackson

17. Diana Ross

18. Pootie Tang


19. Your Ex

20. That missing sock

21. “Free period”

22. Nate Dogg


23. Your dog

24. Your bank account

25. Your commitment to working out this year

26. Your social life via Diablo III



27. Reading books


28. That moustache you were “trying out”


29. Going to Blockbuster (LOL)

30. The righteous indignation you felt during [insert military conflict here]

31. Pogs

32. Jenna Jameson before plastic surgery

33. The current state of your liver

34. Chest hair

35. Limp Bizcut’s “Rollin” video



36. The first baseball game of summer

37. Your father’s knees

38. The time when you saved the party

39. Arcades

40. Quoting the first Anchorman movie

41. The passing of a loved one

42. Intelligibility of music before Skrillex arrived

43. Independence Day … the movie



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