10 Insane Pixel Art Cartoons

Remember when you’d put in a Nintendo game, but it wouldn’t work right and the pixels got all messed up? I think that was a jumping off point for many YouTube animators, who’ve created some of the most insane cartoons ever with the help of pixels and sprites. Here are 10 insane pixel art cartoons:


Meneo – “Papi”

Papi! Also, what?



White girl, orange girl, and fat pony – the perfect trio.


Nyan Cat vs. Tac Nayn

Let your mind drift away…



The best way to cure world hunger is with bongs.


Goldfish – “We Come Together”

Watch out for video game inspired craziness.


Butt Dance

…and that’s where hot dogs come from.


Turd Eating Cat

I put this video next to the one above for thematic reasons.


Dorothy’s Magic Bag – “Science Fiction Man”

You’re a science fiction man? I’ll believe it.


Veggies vs. Fat Boy

Don’t let them intimidate you, fattie!


8-Bit Waterslide in Real Life

Where’s the part where he goes to the doctor and is told he caught 8-bit Hep C?


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!