Top Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know – Parodies

If you’ve turned on the radio lately, it’s almost impossible to not here this melancholy song. Which is cool, it’s a nice departure from the pop candy BS that floods and bombards us from ever single angle.


Here’s the original video:

It’s pretty weird in it’s own right., and the video element is actually the least interesting part of the song itself. Which is kind of a shame.


NOW on to the parodies!


The Key of Awesome! : Somebody That I Used To Know – WOTE


The gang of Key of Awesome, huddles around the guitar, seems like they either saw a different video, or the guys from KOA are really struggling to find topics for their parodies. But at the same time it’s actually one of the funnier things they’ve actually done. Actually it might be the only funny thing they’ve done successfully ever.


Somebody That I Used To Troll


Simple, but truthful, enter in to the mind of the troll! This great song from ‪EmergencyCheese is pretty fantastic. It warrants a better video, but the simple vlog style is fine.

I would have really liked to see screen caps of him leaving trolling comments on a variety of videos, that you could then look for. That’d be balls!


Sam Mac's Gotye Parody


Finally someone does a parody of the video itself (as well as the song). And reveals the secret of the songs catchiness. Though honestly, I find it to be a far stretch from the truth. I see no real similarity.


Somebody that Needs Some Clothes


And here’s an Australian parody of the video. This seemed like a much better usage for the original video concept to parody (compared to the previous video)




While we’re taking a world tour, let’s head north for this Canadian parody of the song.


Now you're just somebody that I want to bite


This epic minecraft parody, not only takes place in the minecraft game engine, it’s not just about Minecraft, but the music itself was composed with minecraft sounds.