5 Best Mentos Commercial Spoofs

Maybe you weren't a product of the 80's or the 90's…perhaps you were born in the 00's, in which case it's past your bedtime, but humanity's hive mind seems unable to forget the Mentos jingle.

Here, let me show you an example the first:

Remember when you went on that lunch date with Stacy and that Italian immigrant refused to serve you some water? Remember how mad you got? Of course you don't, because you stayed cool with Mentos! Surely your brazen actions didn't lead to that hard working man's firing, or make Stacy think you were total a**hole. 


Because a**holes don't eat Mentos.


Example the second:

Man, should've crossed that street on time! No problem! Just illegally enter that corprate shill's limo and shrug your shoulders! Your friends will freak the F out over how incredibly cool and fresh you are.


Plus, check out that look at :13 of the video. That's a completely unpunchable face.


So now let's check out how other folks stay cool under pressure…with The Freshmaker! 


JCVD cooly eludes the authorities in Bloodsport

Maybe its his Belgian charm, but the Muscles From Brussels really suits a Mentos commercial. God, I cannot wait until Expendables 2 comes out. I put this entry in just so I could say that:


Han Solo stays fresh and takes the shield generator

He may be scruffy-lookin, but he's also incredibly cool under pressure! Again, Harrison Ford probably could have made a better career out of  doing these jingle commercials than choosing to do Cowboys & Aliens. OH SNAP:


Captain Kirk is too cool for Gorn

Rocks won't work on this monstrosity, what can you do!? It doesn't matter how slow and lumbering your opponent is, you can outwit them with the minty cool taste of Mentos:


Charles Bronson kills teenagers…mint!

When undesirables you don't understand take over your favorite burger joint, just take a minute and indulge in the super great taste of Mentos! Surely you'll come up with a moderate, well thought out plan to improve the school system, build community centers, and keep the kids off the streets…by shooting them:



Saw: The Freshmaker!


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