10 Funny Videos Starring Rage Guy

There are many wonderful memes inside the tubes, but 4chan creation Rage Guy definitely belongs in the A-List VIP section with Nyan Cat and Rick Astley. Of course, Rage Guy would probably leave his ID at home and… FUUUUUUUU— Here are 10 funny videos starring Rage Guy:


Rage Guy

He’s trying to hold it in, but as we all know, that’s impossible.


Le Doing The Dishes

Damn you, water drop troll!


Rage Comics In Real Life

All the joy and anger in life comes from Pokemon cards.


Me Playing Call of Duty



A Bunch of Rage Guy Cartoons

“Temper temper,” says the troll.


Le Hot Bath

Water is Rage Guy’s greatest foe.


Nyan Troll

Send this to your friends after you troll them. Let their rage consume them.


Real Life FUUUUUU–‘s

I love that M. Night Shyamalan is part of this video’s twist ending.



Rage spreads like a virus.


Rage Guy’s 2012 Prediction

Stupid Myans.


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