10 Really Stupid Grocery Store Signs

It’s easy to run spell-check on a sign before printing it out, but unfortunately, there’s no such thing as logic check. It’s the biggest problem our nation’s Grocery Store Sign Makers have to deal with in the 21st century. That, and people taking pictures of their handiwork via their cell phones. Here are 10 really stupid grocery store signs:



Now this is a breakfast of champions. [via]



One of these boxes is a lie. [via]



So cool they’re hot, but smart they’re not. [via]


What A Deal!

Can I just give the store all the cash I have? [via]


Expired Food

They could at least offer a discount on those items. Or, y’know, throw them away. [via]



These pretzels are making me thoroughly stupid. [via]


Today’s Specials…

At least they’re fresh. [via]



Phrasing. [via]


What A Deal: Part 2

In fact, you owe them a yogurt. [via]



What’s in them instead of bones? A toy surprise! [via]


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