8 Grown Men Riding Power Wheels

Pow-pow-Power Wheels! Meant for kids, but driven by dudes! Pow-pow-Power Wheels! Dads steal them from their children, which is pretty rude! Pow-pow-Power Wheels! It’s not a good idea, you know! Pow-pow-Power Wheels! But here are 8 grown men riding Power Wheels (and Barbie Jeeps) on video:


Power Wheels Playa

He seems pretty cool about riding a child’s car on the sidewalk.


Barbie Jeep Pile-Up

The words “good idea” personified.


Man vs. Kids

One of these racers is not like the others.


Ultimate Power Wheels Snow Race

All they need now are banana peels and koopa shells.


Man vs. Kid – Pt. 2

Lightning McQueen’s gonna develop back problems.


Barbie Jeep Jump

Send the bill to Ken.


Man Rides With Child

As long as there’s a kid in the car, it’s appropriate… right?


Modified Harley-Davidson Power Wheels Motorcycle

Okay, that is actually pretty cool.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Header via.