Meet Lawyer Dog

Collar too tight? Walks not happening frequently enough? Mailmen continue to exist? If you’re a dog who feels like you’ve been wronged, you need to call Lawyer Dog. He’s a cute brute in the courtroom and a very good boy, in general. Here are 8 examples of the lawyer dog meme:


The Incident

A lot of whimpering, sure…



Then they put you inside a crate? Entrapment!



Libel smells gross.


Legal Fees

*Takes Bone Out Of Desk, Chews*


Case Outlook

Also, if you drizzled your case in meat juices, it’d look pretty delicious.


Your Next Move

Also, don’t play dead. It’s demeaning.


What’s That Number?

“Now I need to learn how to dial a phone,” thinks the dog who sees this ad.


The Truth About Lawyer Dog

…and he hates wearing that outfit.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Background via.