Lingerie Football League To Suspend Season

One of sports guiltiest pleasures over the past couple of years has been watching the Lingerie Football League. For those not familiar with it, its a woman’s 7-on-7 tackle football league that is primarily played in lingerie as opposed to actual uniforms. Granted, they do wear helmets, shoulder-pads and knee and elbow protection, but after all that, their isn't really much else.

Originating from a SuperBowl halftime special called the Lingerie Bowl, the LFL has grown into quite the popular event. The league is becoming so popular that even Business Week magazine made mention of it as being one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the United States.

It's because of that popularity, however, that the league has suspended it's 2012 season.

In a statement made by league Commissioner Mitchell S. Martaza onThursday, the league will move the upcoming season to April of 2013 so that it can improve its product and grow the league internationally.

“Since premiering in 2009, LFL United States has drawn incredible success which has included sell-out crowds, aggressive franchise expansion and record television ratings, all of which leading to being called the fastest- growing sports league in the U.S. as per Businessweek. Despite this success, we feel that our U.S. franchise can reach greater heights with a shift of our regular season schedule from a fall and winter format to spring and summer schedule.

Thus in 2012, we have officially moved, not suspended the LFL U.S. season to April 2013. This move in schedule enables our LFL US teams extra preparation which ultimately will greatly improve the product on the field in 2013.

Our shift in schedule has also enabled us to kickoff the Lingerie Football League’s international growth and strategy to include the premiere of LFL Canada (Fall 2012) and LFL Australia (Summer 2013).

The focus now is to not only be the 'fastest growing sports league in the US' but globally.”

While this is disappointing news in the short term for fans who were waiting fast for the LFL to return this fall, the potential for more long term exposure more than makes up for it.

Currently, the LFL consists of the following teams: The Baltimore Charm, Cleveland Crush, Philadelphia Passion, Tampa Breeze, Toronto Triumph, Orlando Fantasy, Los Angeles Temptation, Minnesota Valkyrie, Seattle Mist, Green Bay Chill, Vegas Sun and Chicago Bliss

Photo Credit: Marc Sanchez/Icon SMI

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