7 Funny Flowcharts For College Students

Throughout high school, a lot of choices are already answered for kids. They’re told where to go (school), what to do (get good grades), and what not to do (drugs, sex, anything fun). College is about students making tough choices on their own for the first time, but why do that when we have charts to make decisions for us? Here are 7 funny flowcharts for college students:


How Does College Work?

There should also be a path that asks if you’re a genius, which leads you to drop out and become a Silicon Valley billionaire. [via]


What Should You Major In?

Anything but liberal ar—oh well, never mind. [Bigger Version]


What Should College Students Eat?

For me, all arrows led to the ramen. [Bigger Version]


What Kind of Laptop Should You Buy?

Answer: one you won’t leave in the Common Room overnight and wake up to find it’s long gone. [More]


When Is It Okay For A College Girl To Wear Sweatpants?

“Sweatpants” can also be pajama bottoms, terrycloth pants or just a really big sweater. [via]


How To Argue About College Football

When in doubt, blame the refs. Always blame the refs. [via]


Are You Drunk?

It’s why god gave college students shuttle vans. [via]


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