5 Magic Tricks We Can’t Figure Out

Remember that masked magician guy who pissed off other magicians by revealing their secrets? Yeah, well today you're going to be that guy. Here are 5 magic tricks that we can't solve – but maybe you can. Leave your theories in the comments section below!


David Blaine's Card Through Glass

The magic trick: David Blaine asks a passer-by to pick a card. After he does so, Blaine throws the deck of cards at a nearby window and, magically, the chosen card appears on the other side of the glass.

How we think he does it: David Blaine has access to an invisibility cloak that he gives to a patron of the coffee shop he is standing outside of. As he throws the deck of cards at the window the cloaked customer quickly glues a duplicate of the man's chosen card to the glass.


Penn & Teller's Magic Bullet

The magic trick: Teller shoots a bullet at Penn, who proceeds to catch it with his mouth.

How we think he does it: Penn is not just a magician but is also a lizard-man, who swiftly catches the bullet with his snake-like tongue in mid-air. Penn & Teller have practised this trick so often that it is virtually impossible to catch footage of his rapid tongue escaping his mouth, thus concealing both the secret behind the trick and Penn's reptilian identity.


Criss Angel's Beach Trick

The magic trick: Criss Angel seemingly creates two human beings out of thin air, before revealing that one of the human beings is himself(?!).

How we think he did it: Criss Angel is the second coming of Christ. The evidence speaks for itself – Jesus turned water into wine, Criss turns sand particles into beautiful blondes. He's the saviour for the Facebook generation.


Dynamo Walks On Water

The magic trick: Dynamo walks across the River Thames. As simple as that.

How we think he did it: Dynamo has already befriended many famous faces such as Pharrell, Rio Ferdinand, Kim Kardashian and Robbie Williams, so he asked them all to donate generous amounts in order to build the first pair of waterproof hover shoes.


David Copperfield Vanishes the Statue of Liberty

The magic trick: David Copperfield vanishes makes the Statue of Liberty vanish in front of a live audience.

How we think he did it: David Copperfield possesses mutant powers that allow him to manipulate objects, kind of like Magneto except with national monuments instead of metal.