13 Things That Scare Kittens

In the wild, cats are dangerous predators. On the opposite end of the bravery spectrum, baby housecats are frightened of just about everything. They don’t call them “fraidy cats” for nothing, I suppose. Here are 13 things that scare kittens, and the videos to prove it:



You never know when apples… will strike!


Bunny Rabbits

Good thing the cat’s afraid, or this would not end well.



Don’t worry, you won’t get sucked inside, little kitten… unless you’ve been bad.


Toy Balls

Careful now. It might be full of poison. Keep your distance.


Tennis Balls

Game – Set – Watch Out!


Fake Cats

“YOU get him,” thinks the cat.


Real Cats

According to the uploader, the kitten is scared of the cat in the background. Who can blame her?


Their Own Reflection

The two cats are strategically well-matched.


Video Cameras

Wait for it…


Being On Television

Or maybe it’s just being on Jonathan Ross’ show. Science has yet to determine the answer.


Sudden Touches

Calling this kitten “jumpy” would be an understatement.



Hold on, kitten! Hold on!!!



To be fair, I also do this.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!