Rumor: Xbox 720 Requires Internet Connection


More rumors concerning the next wave of home console hardware have made their way onto the vast internet. This latest batch concerns the next Xbox (Xbox 720?), codenamed "Durango," and comes from website VG247.

VG247 is reporting that the Xbox 720 will require an internet connection at all times in order to play games. This lines up with previous rumors about the console and how Microsoft is trying to combat used games sales, much like the rumored PS4, or "Orbis." A mandatory internet connection could mean games will be tethered to a specific console profile, effectively killing its resell value to the used games market. 

In addition to the "news" about a required always-on internet connection, VG247 is reporting that the Xbox 720 will feature a Blu-ray drive, two GPUs that are said to be like "two PCs taped together" and a built-in Kinect sensor. The console is rumored to launch Christmas of 2013. 

As always, take this report with a grain of salt. None of this information is confirmed. VG247's source could be a 47-year-old man-child still living in his parents' basement who gets his rocks off by stirring the pot for all we know. 

We'll be back with more rumors concerning the Xbox 720 and PS4 when we hear them, which, honestly, should be too long from now.