Exclusive ‘South Park’ Season 15 DVD Clip

South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, marking another milestone in the animated series which is already renewed through its 20th season in 2016.

Included on the DVD and Blu-Ray sets is a "South Park" documentary called "6 Days To Air: The Making of South Park;" which takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the show and demonstrates how it makes it through production in just under a week.

In our first exclusive clip from "6 Days To Air," "South Park" Supervising producer, Frank Agnone talks about the difficulties of coming back after a long layoff as creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker returned to the series fresh from their Broadway smash hit, "The Book of Mormon."


And in our second exclusive clip from the documentary, animator David Koch; Director of Animation, Jack Shih; Producer, Adrien Beard and Animation Producer Ryan Quincy join Agnone as they go over the animation process with short scenes from the infamous "HumancentiPad" and "Major Boobage" episodes.


The sixteenth season of "South Park" is currently airing Wednesdays on Comedy Central and you can catch South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season in stores everywhere!