Aisha Tyler on ‘Archer’

The cast of "Archer" met the Television Critics Association and spoke about going into space for the third season finale. They later hung out in the hall and schmoozed with other FX stars. As they dispersed I joined the scrum over Aisha Tyler to ask her some follow up questions about "Archer" in space and her own badassery.


CraveOnline: How does Lana Kane handle zero gravity?

Aisha Tyler: Not well, but I won’t give you any more information than that. Lana is always very competent but I think she meets her match in zero gravity.

CraveOnline: When there’s a lot of action, is that fun to record the vocal sounds for action?

Aisha Tyler: Sometimes it’s actually kind of challenging because you’ve got to imagine the situation, the kind of physical nature of the situation and the tension of it. When you’re acting and you’re doing it in real life, there are a lot of other factors around you helping you get to that place mentally and physically that makes the voice sound like you’re really going through those experiences.

So for the show, I do a lot of leaping around like an idiot. A lot of jumping around inside the booth and pointing fake finger guns and things like that to help me get to the place where it sounds like it’s really happening.

CraveOnline: A great actor once said, “Try acting.”

Aisha Tyler: Yes. [Laughs] That’s usually what I do.

CraveOnline: Have you heard the Lawrence Olivier story from Marathon Man?

Aisha Tyler: Well, I think that’s fair but he comes from an older school of method. The subtext there is try faking it but sometimes you can’t fake it. Sometimes you’ve got to get there, get your body there.

CraveOnline: How did you like going into the jungle with Cyril?

Aisha Tyler: Oh, that’s been great. The whole storyline with Cyril and with Gillette, I think people [really loved] because a lot of tables are turned, a lot of roles reversed. That was a really fun episode.

CraveOnline: Will there be a romance for Lana in the future?

Aisha Tyler: I hope so. She needs to get laid, doesn’t she? I hope so. We’ll see. I’m kind of gunning for Archer and Lana to get back together at some point. Not permanently but just some kind of really self-destructive behavior. I’m looking forward to them really just wrecking their lives. It’ll be fun.

CraveOnline: When do you fit Archer recordings into your schedule?

Aisha Tyler: You know, they’re really great because none of us record together so we’re able to find a time that’s right for me. With my daytime show we’re usually done by the afternoon so we can sneak it in late afternoon. They’ve been really great. Last year I was doing a series in Toronto and they found a booth up there for me to go record so they’ve really been accommodating of all my other gigs which has been nice.

CraveOnline: Did you know when you got the part on "Archer" that this was going to be a big thing for you?

Aisha Tyler: I didn’t even think it was going to go. I think I said “balls” in the pilot. I was like, “This show’s never going to get on.” So it’s been a joy. It’s a delight. It’s a delight making the show. I love the cast. We don’t get to interact that much and it’s great to see them every time I do. It’s just a blast to make.

CraveOnline: Do you enjoy talking dirty?

Aisha Tyler: Of course. I’m a standup comedian. Any chance I get to drop the F bomb is like Christmas morning for me. I like grown up comedy. I think there’s a place for it and I think smart comedy for adults is what we do on "Archer." It’s dirty and edgy but it’s also intelligent and that’s the best combination. At Comic-Con, Adam and I coined this word “smilthy” which is the combination of smart and filthy. It’s the best of both worlds.

CraveOnline: Were you a Bond fan?

Aisha Tyler: You know, I’ve seen all the [James] Bond movies but I didn’t start to love it until the most recent Daniel Craig iteration where it just got smarter and edgier and more real. I like grounded stuff. That stuff was all fun back then but it never felt real. This felt real.

CraveOnline: What about On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Aisha Tyler: Eh, it didn’t really get me right here until Daniel Craig came on board because the re-envisioning of that franchise made it feel like something that actually could’ve happened.

CraveOnline: Are you excited about any of the upcoming comic book movies?

Aisha Tyler: I’m not excited really about The Avengers.

CraveOnline: Why not?

Aisha Tyler: I don't know. I liked Thor. I wasn’t a big fan of Captain America. I just haven’t seen a superhero adaptation recently that has been exciting. They’ve all just kind of been layups but we’ll see. I’m open minded.

CraveOnline: What about The Dark Knight?

Aisha Tyler: Well, The Dark Knight was just great but that’s a total departure I think from everything that they’ve done in that franchise previously. But that has a lot to do with the director, right? I think he’s such a visionary.

CraveOnline: Do you read comics?

Aisha Tyler: You know, I read graphic novels but not encyclopedically. I’ve read all The Walking Dead books. I’ve read Girls and Sword but I’m not a big comic book person, not anymore. When I was a kid I was more like Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, stuff like that. I’ve never been a traditional comic book girl.

CraveOnline: Those are pretty highbrow ones.

Aisha Tyler: Yeah, yeah, I’m a thinky bitch.