The B-Movies Podcast #59 – Chris Columbus is Godzilla


Celebrity herpes, killer iPhones and That Darn Cat abound in The B-Movies Podcast: Episode #59 – Chris Columbus is Godzilla! Join CraveOnline's Film Channel Editor, William "Bibbs" Bibbiani, and Professor Witney Seibold as they debate the future of digital distribution and review 21 Jump Street and The Kid with a Bike. Plus, all the latest movie news and whatnot: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie gets a remake, Nathan Fillion gives you Hermes in Percy Jackson 2, the 24 movie runs into delays, The Dark Tower gets rebuilt at Warner Bros., and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie gets a remake?!

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And be sure to tweet @williambibbiani with your answer to this week's question: What celebrity would you have sex with, even if you knew they had herpes? #eveniftheyhadherpes

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Also This Week:

Who… or what… is Corn Nut?

Have Bibbs and Witney made the world's first Mrs. Winterbourne reference?

Is Keith David the leader of the iPhone aliens?

Channing Tatum: is he always hot?

How close is Hollywood to ironically remaking Ishtar?

Why is the transition to digital distribution a terrible, terrible idea?

Was Rent really one of the worst films of the last decade?

How close did the 1990s remake of That Darn Cat come to being badass?



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