12 Funny #TextsThatLeadToSex

The quickest way to initiate sex these days is via text message. There’s no talking on the phone, no need to find a computer and compose an email, or seek someone out in person. A few characters and the “send” button later, and you’re getting your tag hashed. (I don’t know that that means – let’s assume it’s sex.) Here are 12 funny examples of the popular #TextsThatLeadToSex hashtag:


Wink Text

Even “can you change the cat’s litter when you get home ;)”


Clever Text

Up, up and away we go.


Sweet Text

Nutella for sex is a win-win.


Football Text

I hope Tim Tebow begins all his texts with “I’m Tim Tebow.”



Remember cybering?


Magic Text

Who gets to wear the Sorting Hat?


Lovin’ This Text

Tonight, your apartment becomes the ultimate PlayPlace.


Anime Text

I choose you… for sex!


Quick Text

Get the girl to come over by promising $100 for some light housework, then ask her out on a proper date, go out two more times and then – BAM! You're doin' it.


Classy Text

This is called “setting the mood.”


Super Text

That stuff about his dead parents? Kills with the ladies.


Direct Text



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