10 Fast Food Sweaters

If America is truly a fast food nation, then we need more bulky, fatty food inspired clothes to hide our deep fried fatness. The good folks at the Tumblr Sexy Sweaters understand this, and have created some sweater designs that will lead us into a new era of fast food fashion. Wear your love of pizza and burgers with pride, damn it.


Burger Sweater

Must… eat… sweater…


Fries Sweater

Would you like good taste with that wardrobe?


IN-N-OUT Burger Sweater

This is what you get when you order “polyester style.”


Taco Sweater

Think outside the t-shirt.


Field of Burger Sweater

If you cook it, they will come.


Pizza Sweater

I got pizza all over my sweater… awesome!


Burger Tower Sweater

Girliest burger tower ever.


Curly Fries Sweater

These sweaters are making me really hungry. [via]


Pizza Sweater: Part 2

It’s not delivery, it’s a sweater. [via]


McGreen Beans

Ultimate fast food sweater curve ball!


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