Syfy’s ‘Defiance’ Loads Up On Former ‘Dexter’ Stars

Back in 2007, Julie Benz and Jamie Murray appeared together on the second season of Showtime's "Dexter." And now they're back together again at Syfy.

Deadline is reporting that Benz and Murray are both among the newest cast members of "Defiance," an upcoming drama series written and executive produced by "Farscape" creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon. Developed concurrently with the "Defiance" video game, the TV series takes place in a future where humans and aliens live side-by-side on Earth after decades of war and alien terra-forming have drastically changed the planet.

Benz will portray Amanda Rosewater, the new mayor of a mining town who idealistically attempts to keep the peace in the community. Murray will play the "beautiful and proper" wife of Datak Tarr, an alien elite who will be performed by recently signed Tony Curran ("Pillars Of The Earth"). Grant Bowler was previously announced to play the lead character, Jeb Nolan; a law-keeper who lost his wife and child in the war against the aliens.

"MirrorMask" star Stephanie Leonidas has also joined the cast as Irisa, "a beautiful warrior" from an alien race called the Irathients. Irisa is also the adopted daughter of Nolan, who killed her criminal father and he doesn't appear to be shy about utilizing her talent for death for his own ends.

It should be noted that Murray had been rumored to be in talks with Syfy for a "Warehouse 13" spinoff that would follow her character, H. G. Wells in the 19th century. Murray's role on "Defiance" keeps her in the Syfy family after Wells' apparent demise last season on "Warehouse 13." But it's not clear what that means the potential spinoff. Wells could possibly be portrayed as a younger woman by another actress or even by Murray herself, if her time on "Defiance" lasts only a season. Alternately, the H. G. Wells spinoff could simply be stuck in development and not happening anytime soon.

"Defiance" is set to begin production next month in Toronto, with "Legion" director Scott Stewart slated to helm the pilot episode. A premiere date for "Defiance" has not yet been announced.