7 Reasons Why Oscar the Grouch Is Depressed

Can you tell me how to get… some counseling? That’s the question Oscar the Grouch should be asking. This meme gets to the bottom of Oscar’s “grouchiness.” Though it seems like all his so-called friends have written him off as a lovable grump, there’s really a lot of darkness in Oscar’s foam soul. Here are 7 reasons why Oscar the Grouch is depressed.



The unspeakable horrors he saw with those ping-pong ball eyes.



Is it because of all the rats and the diseases? Who can say?



Compared to some of the garbage, maybe Bum’s piss smells good?


Fur Color

It’s not easy being puke green.


The Budget

Hopefully someone will throw a pair away… into his specific trash can… someday.



He’s got to move on.


Mr. Hooper

Every night's another nightmare.


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