Rossif Sutherland – Acting royalty

Showcase’s edgy cop drama "King," which recently kicked off a second season, now features Canadian actor Rossif Sutherland, who had previous TV stints on shows like "ER". In addition to his television work, Sutherland starred in the romcom "I’m Yours," which premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. He also had the opportunity to work with his father, Donald Sutherland, in "The Con Artist," and has decided to bring his talents to "King" starring as Pen Martin, a hotshot detective.

Sutherland gave Crave the deets on his quick residence in Canada as a child, what it was like to work with his famous dad, and who his secret partner in crime is on the set of "King."


CraveOnline: Tell us about season 2 of "King."

Rossif Sutherland: I joined the show in its second season and it's been a great time. I enjoy everybody I'm working with, the writing is good, and it's just been a lovely experience.

Your flick "I’m Yours" premiered at TIFF – do you enjoy movie roles?

It's a completely different process, which is why I joined "King." I'd never really done anything like this. I did "ER" but I was a kid just starting out – now that I've grown up a little, the process of one week to the other, dealing with scripts that I haven't read and being obliged to perform, having them decide what my character will do and say and who he becomes… it's tricky but it can be a beautiful challenge. You're creating as you go.

What was it like working with your father Donald on "The Con Artist"?

It was lovely working with my dad – unfortunately it was a troubled film but working with my father was always a dream and became a dream come true.

Is there any actor/actress you'd love to collaborate with?

I'm curious to work with anyone – everybody's got a different process and it's really a constant exchange, so if you're bouncing the ball back and forth, the more players you get to play with the better you get at the game.


You hail from Vancouver – is that where you live now?

I was born in Vancouver but only stayed there three days. My mother went to join my father, who was stuck on a production there, and he was supposed to make it back to LA in time for the delivery, so a few weeks before I was born she hopped on a plane with her big belly and made it to Vancouver, gave birth to me, my father was there, and three days later she got on a plane with me and I was back to L.A. I lived there for five years, then New York, then Paris.


But you shoot "King" in Toronto… do you enjoy being in Canada?

I'm at home here – I traveled so much as a kid. I always felt like a foreigner wherever I was, but when I come here I do get that funny feeling of belonging and I'm always proud to say I'm Canadian.


Are you a social media guy? Can fans find you on Facebook or Twitter?

No. (laughs) Do I tweet? No, no, no…


What's something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I have a little dog and she has separation anxiety so most of the time if someone sees me walking about with a bag there's a four-legged creature with me. She goes to the restaurant, movies, everywhere, and never makes a sound. She even comes to the set. I kept bringing this bag on set because she was barking in the trailer and someone asked me, "Why the gym bag?" I opened up the bag and her little face came out and everybody's heart just melted, so they made this exception for me and I'm allowed to have this dog roaming around the set. As soon as they yell "action" she's as quiet as can be.