Who Is The Most Dangerous Warrior In ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’?

Last month, "Spartacus: Vengeance" returned to Starz for its first full season since 2010 and it quickly reestablished itself as the network's flagship original series. Some of the reasons for the show's enduring popularity include the compelling characters and the intensely depicted action sequences that rank among the best on TV.

Recently, Crave Online ran a poll asking readers of this web site to pick your choices for the most dangerous warriors in "Spartacus: Vengeance." Some of your decisions, were surprising… as certain characters may not be getting the respect they deserve. And some fans may have lost sight of the fact that a knife in the back can kill just as easily as a sword to the chest…


Gaius Claudius Glaber 


Portrayed by Craig Parker.

Voting percentage: 2.97%

Less than 3% of Crave Online readers believe Glaber to be one of the deadliest warriors on "Spartacus: Vengeance." And it's hard to blame them when Glaber can barely perceive that his own wife, Ilithyia is plotting against him.

Nor was Glaber able to capture Spartacus or any of his men without assistance from the treacherous Ashur or Lucretia. As a former soldier, Glaber knows how to handle a sword and he may even do well if he goes up against Spartacus face-to-face again in the near future. But Glaber's time may be up long before he gets that chance.



Portrayed by Peter Mensah.

Voting percentage: 8.26%

Really?! The former Doctore doesn't even get ten percent of the vote? Clearly, the viewers have underestimated Oenomaus. This is the man who trained Crixus, Spartacus and numerous gladiators from the House of Batiatus. Oenomaus was once a champion of the House as well. And when Oenomaus turned to the underground fights earlier this season, he cut through several opponents before injury and exhaustion overtook him.

Now, imagine that skill matched with a high level of rage now that Oenomaus knows that his beloved (and tragically dead) wife was unfaithful with their former friend and companion, Gannicus. Let's just say that their next meeting probably won't go well for Gannicus…



Portrayed by Viva Bianca.

Voting percentage: 10.32%

By no stretch of the imagination is Ilithyia a warrior. But her constant intrigue may bring danger to all around her, especially her "beloved" husband, Glaber. Ilithyia's beauty masks a woman whose ruthlessness seems to know no bounds. Earlier this season, Ilithyia was ready to murder Lucretia in order to hide her secrets and it was Ilithyia who happily stabbed one of Spartacus' men to death as a party favor… when Seppia proved to be unable to do it herself.

Don't turn your back on this woman, ever!



Portrayed by Manu Bennett.

Voting percentage: 11.80%

Crixus is a warrior almost on par with Spartacus himself. And yet in this poll, he finished in a distant fourth.


Perhaps it's because Crixus has been so wounded this season while dealing with the search for his lover, Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robinson). Is his emotional vulnerability such a weakness that viewers no longer think of Crixus with the reverence that he earned? Keep in mind, it took several soldiers to finally bring Crixus down at the mine while he single-handedly allowed Spartacus and Naevia to escape.



Portrayed by Lucy Lawless.

Voting percentage: 15.92%

Like Ilithyia, Lucretcia is not a warrior and she would never be able to survive a sword fight with anyone on this list. But that doesn't mean that she isn't among the most deadly characters on the show.

Lucretcia is so good at deception that her father-in-law, Titus Batiatus had no idea that she wanted him dead until moments before he died! Lucretcia has the rare gift of being able to smile and embrace her enemies while secretly plotting their downfall. Even this season, it's difficult to tell if Lucretcia really lost her mind or if she was just bidding her time to get close to Ilithyia and get her revenge. Crixus and Spartacus are also on Lucretcia's s***list, and she may actually outlive them.



Portrayed by Dustin Clare.

Voting percentage: 16.81%

Despite not having made an appearance in "Spartacus: Vengeance" at the time of the vote, fans clearly haven't forgotten the former champion of the House of Batiatus. Introduced in last year's "Gods of the Arena," Gannicus quickly proved his abilities by defeating another gladiator while blindfolded before he consistently defeated nearly every gladiator who was sent against him. Only Crixus ever managed to beat Gannicus, and that was largely a fluke.

The dream fight for this season is to see Spartacus and Gannicus face off in battle. And I suspect that the moment is coming soon…



Portrayed by Liam McIntyre.

Voting percentage: 33.92%

With over twice the number of votes given to his closest competitor, Spartacus easily won the poll of the most dangerous warrior within "Spartacus: Vengeance."

The late Andy Whitfield introduced the Thracian slave turned rebel to a new generation of fans. This season, Liam McIntyre has taken up the role and continued to play Spartacus as a warrior with a heart to match his deadly skills. Spartacus has taken on numerous opponents simultaneously and he survived not just because he was better than they were. Spartacus wanted his freedom and his revenge more than they wanted his demise.

But the true threat represented by Spartacus is not in his hands or his weapons. The ideal of Spartacus is far greater than the man himself. This is a hero who dared to challenge the Roman empire on a scale rarely dreamed off. There's a reason that we're still telling Spartacus' story centuries after his death. Because one man truly can make a difference. And as Spartacus noted earlier this season, "even the mighty republic bleeds when struck!"