5 LMFAO sexy and I know it Parodies

LMFAO kicked some fro at the super bowl, as Redfoo gave Madonna a piggyback ride in the field of pigskin. So what better reason then to feature 5 horribly amazing, funny, frotastic and satirical masteries of spoof dom.

Below are top five parodies of LMFAO’s hit song "Sexy And I Know It". Let’s get to party rocking.

Here’s the original Video:


Gassy and I'm Bloated


Nothing says comedy gold, like fart jokes. That seems to be the motto at ‪suburbanhomeboy. Top that with a red afro and you’ve got a platinum hit worth at least a million views. But beyond the clever title rhyme, the lyrics themselves, and the video are pretty much just a mild toot.


Santa and I Know It!


Here’s ‪barelypolitical’s attempt to prove that with a budget they can earn the 8.9 million views that they’ve gotten. But honestly, I always feel like utilize the Lowest Common Denominator rule way harder than the candy cane, Lauren Francesca is licking.


Jedi and I Know It


The gang at ThePoorWarrior proves that, you just can’t go wrong with Star refrences.. or a girl dressed in the Slave Leia gold bikini. Though Boba Fett has looked better, put on a few pounds huh buddy? Too much blue milk for you. This one might have ranked higher with a few budgetary improvements… like not filming in an apartment, or maybe not having a jedi in jeans.


Successful and I Know It


With a name like ‪ForSkitsAndGiggles this seems like it must be an intentional parody for the world at large, but honestly it’s so tight to it’s game, that I’m almost scared they’re seriously trying to get me to rethink my career goals and aspirations. Maybe I should quit this Hollywood BS and get myself a nice gig doing data analysis. And that maybe the only thing holding it back from being my number one pick… how dare you make me rethink me 15,000 annual! You bastards!


WTFfilmsFTW – Average and I Know It


‪WTFfilmsFTW with nearly 8 million views, is in my eyes, the knock out hit of the batch.


Honorable Mention : Evil and I know it

Here’s one that, in theory is really good… or should better. Either way, I had to include this. A+ for effort.