Numark NS6 4-Channel Mixer

Numark Mixer

My dream is to be a club djay in Ibezia; circa 1996. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen – unless I find a sugar momma with a hottub time machine. But one can still be optimistic – it still might work out, somehow.

Until that day….UNTIL THAT DAY…there’s Numark NS6 to help me live my fantasy. What can I say about the NS6 that hasn’t been said about, say, World Peace? It’s an awesome piece of DJ hardware. I know it’s awesome. You know it’s awesome. The overly helpful guys on the Numark helpline know it’s awesome – so let’s get right down to some fun things you can do on this revolutionary piece of equipment.

The Numak NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller and Mixerhooks up to your laptop and operates off of the glorious Serato Itch software – which accesses your music library, in such locales as iTunes, to arrange your music crates and create offline loops and cue points. Just wait until you plug the NS6 into your laptop via a USB cable – all scratch hell will let loose; literally.

The system features two 7 inch platters to give that traditional scratching djay feel, adding to enhance your performance element whether you’re laying it down at a club, wedding reception, or a living room house party. With a few You Tube tutorials I was ready to plug-and-play and have some fun. Simple tricks can be had with a few  key pushes of the right button. Loops rolls and fills are can be done automatically or manually while the track is still moving forward. Build up some tension, then BOOM, hit the kill switch and the track goes back to right on course.

You know that annoying riser effect you hear all the time? Yes, that’s a breeze too. Simply grab a short loop so it becomes just a tone. The pitch bend button gives it a ramp up. Have your second deck cued to drop the beat back in, then build the ramp, and hit the kill switch – and you’ll have the club/wedding party/living room going nuts. Glitches are a breeze simply by holding down the Shift button and pressing down the 1-8 auto loop buttons – and edit the track on the fly. Hell, and this is what I picked up within the first hour of playing around.

The Ns6 Skinny is a great alternative to lugging around crates of records, while still retaining that djay performance element; with even the capacity to play off your iPod music library. The revolution is here and Numark NS6 is the djay Chairman Mao of sound.