10 Keanu Reeves Conspiracy Theories

Keanu Reeves knows a lot about conspiracy theories. In The Matrix, he learns we’re all unknowingly plugged into a computer system. In Johnny Mnemonic, he learns that drug companies are evil. In Bill & Ted’s, he has an excellent adventure! So naturally, the internet meme Conspiracy Keanu pairs a freaked-out Keanu with the hard truths they don’t want you to know.



That means Jurassic Park was a propaganda film!


Video Games

A war against turtles and brightly colored ghosts.



Biggest holiday bummer ever.


The Happening

M. Night Shyamalan was trying to warn us, but we wouldn’t listen.



We didn’t want to say anything, Keanu, but…



If you decoded your issues of Zoo Books, you’d have already known this.



Someone alert Jesse Ventura.


Coors Light

Free tracker chip inside every can!



Milhouse wishes he could do that.


The Matrix

Damn, that Matrix is clever.


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