8 TV Drama Valentine’s Day Cards

Make a little mailbox for your desk. All your favorite television dramas want to give you Valentine’s Day cards and maybe you’ll get a few chalky hearts to go with them. These cards are from criminal detectives, serial killers and zombies, so you know they’re from the heart. Here are 8 TV drama Valentine’s Day cards.


Mad Men

Sterling Archer Draper Please Be Mine? [via]



Perfect for a serial cuddler. [via]


Law and Order SVU

“Special Valentines Unit” [via]


Game of Thrones

Song of Fire and Nice. [via]


Downton Abbey

Give this to your sweetheart, then trip him to make him look incompetent and get him fired. [via]


Breaking Bad

Your love is more addicting than the best meth. [via]


The Wire

You come at the Cupid, you best not miss. [via]


The Walking Dead

You can’t run from cupid’s arrow. Or zombie infestations. [via]


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!