‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 Update

Last December, "American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the second season of FX's hit series will completely do away with the "Murder House" setting and he also noted that if any cast members returned it would be as entirely different characters. Although the details for "American Horror Story" season 2 remain closely guarded secrets, Murphy spilled a few details on the most recent episode of Bravo’s talk show, "Watch What Happens."

When asked directly if Jessica Lange would appear in the second season, Murphy simply said "yes" without elaborating whether Lange would once again be one of the primary performers or if she would simply make a guest appearance. Murphy was slightly more forthcoming with the new location for the series and who is definitively NOT coming back.

"It's gonna be somewhere on the east coast," said Murphy. "And it's going to be a 'horror institution.' And I'm in negotiations with four of the people who were on last year's show. None of them were the Harmons, but none of the deals have closed so I can't say."

By ruling out the Harmons, Murphy has essentially confirmed that Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Taissa Farmiga aren't returning. We can also rule out the two Moiras. The young Moira, Alexandra Breckenridge just landed a comedy pilot on NBC called "Save Me," while old Moira, Frances Conroy was cast in the leading role of "Beautiful People," a sci-fi pilot at NBC. Additionally, Kate Mara recently reached a deal to costar on the Netflix original series "House of Cards" opposite Kevin Spacey.


So, who does that leave left for "American Horror Story" season 2? Aside from Lange herself, Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare and Zachary Quinto are the most likely performers to be asked back. Although Christine Estabrook, Morris Chestnut and Sarah Paulson all had memorable supporting turns on the first season of "American Horror Story," which could potentially be rewarded with larger roles on season 2.

The second season of "American Horror Story" is expected to debut on FX in the Fall of 2012.

Which "American Horror Story" cast members do you want to see return in season 2? Share your choices in the comment sections below!