Casio’s new G-Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch

G-Shock GB-6900 Bluetooth Smart Watch by Casio

One of the hottest watches to hit CES 2012 was the G-Shock GB-6900 Bluetooth Smart Watch by Casio. It is one of the first introductees to a slowly growing smart phone watch market, with notables including the inPulse and the imWatch.

Let's take a look at three key specs: looks, technology, and power.

G-Shock GB-6900 Bluetooth Smart Watch

Looks – Like almost all Casios, the GB-6900 maintains a rugged, tough look and feel. Bold lettering make up the Adjust, Mode, Start-Stop, and Split/Reset buttons with G-Shock lettering rounded across the top.

Technology – The GB-6900 is outfitted with Bluetooth 4.0 which allows the watch to interface with your phone for users to receiving incoming call alerts. Call alerts with an audible sound and name of caller is shown on the display. Tap on the watch to silence it. The GB-6900 can be integrated with phone finding technology and out of range warning, which alerts users moving out of the watch's range to avoid possible misplacement. Lastly, another hot feature is emergency alert which uses a single button to call 911, making it an excellent choice for seniors with limited mobility.

Power – The GB-6900 is powered by a single lithium battery translating to up to 2 years of usage at 12 hours usage per day. Those are outstanding numbers compared to rechargeable watches.

Verdict – The GB-6900 is a basic smart phone watch missing the sophistication of its competitors with no app access and lack of a color/touch screen. Look for the G-Shock to hit stores by Summer 2012 for no more than $150.