Aaron Paul ‘Hates’ Walter White On ‘Breaking Bad’

During the fourth season of "Breaking Bad," the series once again demonstrated why it ranks among the best dramas on TV as it chronicled the unforgettable fall of Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and a stunning betrayal in the season finale as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) turned Jesse (Aaron Paul) against Gus by poisoning Brock (Ian Posada).

With the fifth and final season of "Breaking Bad" expected to begin production soon, it's still anyone's guess as to how it will all play out or if Jesse will ever learn the truth about what Walt did to his surrogate son. But Aaron Paul wasn't shy about offering his opinion about Walt's actions during a recent interview with Vulture.

"I’m sad seeing it from the character’s point of view, because you know [Walter and Jesse] both have love for each other," related Paul. "But they don’t trust one another sometimes, and they really should. But me as an actor playing Jesse? Shame on Walt. Like, I hate Walt for what he’s done to Jesse. If only Jesse knew all the horrible things that he did, oh my God. I love that they’re back together, but it’s always been such a back-and-forth struggle, a love-hate relationship."


"But I think at the end, in the parking lot, I think they’re there for each other," continued Paul. "They know it was a rough ride. I think they understand each other as true partners now. I don’t think Walt considers himself as a boss to Jesse anymore. Maybe deep down, because Walt has a big ego, but I think Jesse sees himself as being equal to Walt."

As for the end of "Breaking Bad" following the upcoming fifth season of 16 episodes, Paul indicated that his idea about the conclusion would "…involve a death, and possible deaths. Definitely people dying." 


"I do have a way that I would like to see it end," said Paul. "But I don’t want to put that out there because I don’t want it to possibly steer the writers on how they wanna do it. But I do have an idea."

Paul also stated that he would "honestly would like to keep going, but I’m happy that we’re gonna end it on our terms and are not gonna get cut short, so we’ll be able to finish the story."

"Breaking Bad" will to return to AMC this summer.