10 Cartoon Characters Who Ran For President

Stephen Colbert recently announced that he’s running for President. This won’t be the first time the comedian has run for office, so maybe this time around, he should examine the campaigns of joke candidates before him. Here are 10 cartoon and comic strip characters who ran for Commander in Chief, some of whom actually won (in their respective universes):


Cobra Commander

Don’t let him anywhere near your baby.


Alvin from Alvin and The Chipmunks

I’d prefer President Alvin to Obnoxious Movie Rodent Alvin.


Bill the Cat

The 80’s were great. [via, 2]


Daffy Duck

Somebody hit someone with a mallet!



Stephen Colbert can draw Snoopy. Running mates? [via, 2]


Lex Luther

Damn you, laws.


Howard the Duck

Next to humans, ducks are the most likely species to run for President. [via]


Alfred E. Neuman

He'd keep a cool head under pressure, what with all the worrying he doesn't do. [via, 2]



Attractive girls can do anything men can do. [via, 2]



I still blame Homer.


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