EXCLUSIVE: ‘Immortals’ Blu-Ray Announcement

We;'re calling it. We had some disagreement, but we officially declare that Immortals was a gorgeous, unusually intelligent ultra-violent popcorn flick that entertained the hell out of us. It's certainly the kind of film that your HDTV was made for, and now you'll get to go slackjawed over Tarsem Singh's latest opus with Immortals, starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke, on 3-D Blu-ray Triple Play, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD. We've got the exclusive announcement from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment about the special features on the set, along with your first look at the cover art!


The special features on the DVD include deleted scenes and a Behind-the-Scenes featurette called It's No Myth. Cool, right? Yeah, well on the Blu-Ray you get those features, an alternate opening called Young Theseus, two alternate endings called This Is Our Last Embrace and (SPOILER alert, we guess) Theseus Kills Hyperion, and another Behind-the-Scenes featurette enticingly titled Caravaggio Meets Fight Club. And guess what? If you buy the Blu-Ray, you'll also get a graphic novel titled Immortals: Gods & Heroes.

Yeah… Maybe you should get the Blu-Ray edition. Here's your exclusive look at the cover art for each edition of Immortals on Blu-Ray, out on March 6th! Click through for high-res versions of each.