Top 5 Super Bass by Nicki Minaj Parodies

Billboard picked Super Bass by Nicki Minaj as their critics choice, number 1 hit single of 2011. I personally find it unintelligible and hard to listen to. But I’m sure the record company pay off they got was worth it. I honestly didn’t know who the F she wiz before this tragedy dropped.

So here are the top 5 Super Bass Pardoy songs from our friends over on youtube, who sing, spoof, and satire their way through the songs of the day.


Christmas Parody Medley ScreenTeamShow

This would rank higher but it’s more of a compilation of song parodies and it’s holiday themed so it’s SuperLate 😉 see what I did there? But it’s got my friends from the Screen Team and that’s always fun to see.


STUPID FACE – CheyenneTechno

Seemingly appropriate CheyenneTechno takes the myspace angle (an equally antiquated and irrelevant brand) and ads some humor with this collection of ducks.. oh wait, girls making “that face”



This is the one time I tried to turn the youtube/google in video banner on.. and make it bigger… but it just couldn’t cover the horror.  Can never be unseen! However once I got over the initial act of my body going in to shock I deemed this worthy


Super Grace: The Christian Parody ptlforsupergrace

This is hilarious.. or wait, are these guys serious about their parody? I’m scurred, hold me.


and the big winner is … let’s say this, it might not be a parody of the song in question, but that song is annoying. And seriously this is way better, plus it’s like educational and stuff.


Super Space Ninja ‪NinjaSexParty