Lily Collins Cast in the ‘Evil Dead’ Remake!

That remake of Evil Dead just keeps chugging along, and now we're entering the final stetch of pre-production: the oh-so-enticing casting phase. It's a small cast, so we don't expect this to take long, and new writer/director Fede Alvarez (working with script doctor Diablo Cody) has already found one of his female leads: Lily Collins, the star of Tarsem Singh's upcoming fantasy… thingMirror, Mirror.


According to Bloody Disgusting, Collins has been cast as Mia, a recovering drug addict who goes to an ill-fated cabin in the woods along with her ill-fated friends David, Natalie, Eric and Olivia. Presumably they'll all get picked off one-by-one by an evil force, leaving only a single survivor to fend off their friend's possessed corpses. You know, like in that movie, Evil Dead

Collins is a young actress with a short but impressive resume, including the Oscar winner The Blind Side, the sci-fi actioner Priest and that Taylor Lautner… thingAbduction. She's also a former magazine columnist, having contributed to Elle Girl, Seventeen and Teen Girl. So at least she has something to fall back on if Mirror, Mirror and Evil Dead are as bad as well all fear they will be. Not that we're hoping for that, of course.

CraveOnline will be back with more Evil Dead remake news after we swallow your soul.