10 Christmas Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are becoming a yearly holiday tradition. Nothing says “Christmas” like infiltrating a public space to sing in a choir while people 1) look confused 2) look with pure wonderment 3) laugh and record what’s happening on their cell phone. Here are some of the most seasonal flash mobs YouTube has to offer.


Hallelujah Flash Mob

I guess the Arby’s there is really good.


Weird Christmas Angel Flash Mob

That’s not how you ride an escalator, you guys.


All I Want For Christmas Flash Mob

Anything beats the Mariah Carey version.


Saxophone Flash Mob

Now play “Classical Gas.”


Folate Flash Mob

Women and their folate. Am I right, guys?


Riverdance Flash Mob

Wow. Remember when Riverdancing was a thing?


Lady Gaga Flash Mob

I wish this happened during every news report.


Vanilla Ice Flash Mob

“Ice Ice Baby” before a Christmas parade. Hey, it beats Mariah Carey!


Senior Citizen Christmas Flash Mob

They are flash mobbing, slowly but surely.


Elf Yourself Flash Mob

Cool… Now make me an XBOX!


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