7 Funny Beeper Ads From The 90s

In the 90s, pager stores dominated the planet. Our earth was ruled by such great historical figures as Beeperman and The Beeper King. A cell phone ice age would eventually wipe out the pager dictators, but for awhile, you could see them showing off their extraordinary power in locally-produced TV commercials…


Cowboy Mickey

Yee haw! Git’ along, little pagers.


Life Pager

There are so many West Side Story gang members in this town.



Beeper King, your kingdom is under attack!


Super Mickey

He can’t get in and out of phone booths, because he’s quite fat.


Free Pagers

All you have to do is figure out what the narrator is saying.


Score Box

Dude, I’m totally gonna score.


Motorcycle Mickey

So. Badass.


Bonus: A1 Beeper

This one was made recently. The spirit of the 90s is alive at A1 Beeper.


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