SupaBoy Lets You Play Super Nintendo On the Go


We’ve seen a lot of really cool stuff created by the greater gaming community to honor our favorite recreational (read also: lazy) pastime. We’ve seen faux trailers, spoofs, mods, peripherals, full games and gadgets that make our hearts go aflutter. This is one such example of a thing that makes our heart go aflutter then nearly burst into a million, nostalgic pieces.

The folks over at Hyperkin have created — and officially released — the SupaBoy, a portable version of the classic Super Nintendo console. The working handheld can play your favorite SNES games on the go, sporting a 3.5” screen, two extra controller ports and a hook-up for your television, should you choose to stay home one day and feel the urge to play some classic, 16-bit games. The only downside, you ask? Unfortunately, the battery life clocks in at a measly 2.5 hours. But for how cool this portable gaming system is, we’re willing to overlook that small pitfall.

You can order your own SupaBoy right now on Amazon for only $79.99. If you ask us, that’s totally worth the price of admission. Grab your SupaBoy, head into Brooklyn and make all the Hipsters super jealous. $80 well spent.

[Thanks for the tip, Joystiq!]