The Bioshock Film Could Look Like This…


Hollywood has been trying to get a BioShock film off the ground for some time now. However, things haven’t been going so smoothly, resulting in the project being stuck in limbo. But while we patiently wait for a BioShock film to come to fruititon (or burn, depending where you stand on Hollywood bastardizing video game properties), at least we have this fan made teaser trailer for a faux BioShock film that shows off the potential for the series on the big screen.

YouTube group “TheBioShockMovie” (straight to the point, aren’t they?) put together this minute-long teaser. It might not last long, but it gives plenty of things for BioShock fans to get excited about. They nailed the music, atmosphere and tone, even giving us some juicy snippets of action set in the underwater utopia (?) of Rapture.

Give it a watch. And thanks to Joystiq for bringing this to our attention.