7 Real Life Hand Turkeys

In the run up to Thanksgiving, little kids across the country will trace their hand, call it a turkey and they’ll all win some kind of Thanksgiving Self-Esteem Trophy. However, hand turkeys aren't just the product of kids being "creative" – they exist in the wild too! We found some photographers and artists who’ve captured images of the great gobblers.


Meet The Real Life Hand Turkey

The babies are so cuticle. [via]


Hand Turkey In The Sky

Such an extraordinary creature. [via]


Hand Turkey On The Farm

I'm getting hungry just looking at it! [via]


Realistic Sketch Of A Hand Turkey

I'd like to give this artist a hand. As in applause and no other meaning. [via]


Hand Turkeys Make Good Pets

Just don't get too attached. Unless, of course, you are. [via]


Hand Turkey X-Ray

That's how that works. [via]


Hand Turkey From The Front

Now you know why kids don’t draw them from this angle. [via]


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator, “The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans,” in comic book stores across the country. Header via.