Bill Dixon Is One Crazy Dude

Dixon is a stunt motorcycle rider – the world’s top freestyle competitor. He spends his hours on the job riding his custom built Yamaha sport bike in 30-yard wheelies, solely on its front wheel, backyards – in every which way except upside down (and he’s probably working on that). He essentially makes a motorcycle dance.

The Arizona native competes in stunt and tricking riding competitions against other daring riders as part of the XDL Championship Series. This summer, he became the first man to win three consecutive XDL titles. He is to extreme riding what Tiger Woods was to tournament golf – the Jimmie Johnson of stunt riding. While every rider on the XDL tour puts on an unbelievable show, but the events build up to Dixon’s appearance and his show-stopping routine.

He started out as a child, riding mini dirt bikes and go karts and developing the unusual instincts and senses that enable him to pull moves repeatedly that most riders – even veteran motorcycle enthusiasts – would never dare to try.

After wrapping up another championship, Dixon connected with Crave Online to how a kid from the desert became one of the most amazing riders in history.


CraveOnline: How did you get started in stunt riding? How did you decide to pursue it as opposed to racing?

Bill Dixon: As a young boy I dreamed of racing dirt bikes, quads, street bikes, even cars. But that passion to compete against others crossed over well once I started riding street bike freestyle. My brother (Jeff Dixon) got me into the sport, and I wanted to be just like him. Jeff stopped ridding after a terrible crash that left him with screws, rods and plates throughout his body. So, I ride for him.


CraveOnline:  What are the basic specs on your stunt bike?  

Bill Dixon: My bike is a one off, purpose built Yamaha R6, with the displacement riding from 599 to 637. My design partner Bob Runman and I designed a slew of custom parts to make my custom R6 stunt bike the best stunt bike ever built – including throttle and braking controls on the back of the bike for backward riding..


CraveOnline:  You're on the road a lot, obviously. Is there a home base where you practice new moves?

Bill Dixon: I currently live in Scottsdale, Ariz, and I practice in different locations where I've received proper permission to use parking lots and other paved areas.


CraveOnline: Do you have a workout routine to stay in shape? Or is practicing the stunts enough?

Bill Dixon: I work out as much as my busy schedule permits, but mostly I do cross training. I enjoy wake boarding, dirt bike riding, and cycling.


CraveOnline:  You’re your sports first and only three-time XDL champion, and you’ll be back out there next season looking four your fourth title. How will you know when the time comes to hang up the stunt bike? What do you see  yourself doing in your professional future?

Bill Dixon: I would love to ride doing shows and competitive events for the next 10 years. As long as I stay healthy I will be stunt riding all over the globe. Within the next 10 years, I also want to open a bike shop with a testing/stunt area in back.

But, if the bike shop doesn't pan, out I can always take over my dads business of auto collision repair.