Lucy Griffiths Sinks Her Teeth Into ‘True Blood’

In the fourth season finale of "True Blood," Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) teamed up with his rival, BIll Compton (Stephen Moyer) to kill Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck) after she tried to conscript them into her war against the Vampire Authority. The unlikely duo may be dragged into the war anyways, but at least Eric has someone close to him on the inside.

TVLine is reporting that Lucy Griffiths has signed on to appear in the fifth season of "True Blood" as Nora, the vampire sister of Eric Northman; by way of their mutual vampire sire, Godric (Allan Hyde). Nora is described as a double agent inside the Vampire Authority who is also "intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar." The story also notes that she loves Eric "deeply," but she is dedicated to a "higher purpose."

Griffiths may be best known outside of her native Britain for her role as Lady Marian in the BBC series "Robin Hood;" which is pictured above. She has also appeared on several UK TV series, including "Sea of Souls," "Sugar Rush," "Collision" and "Lewis." In the United States, Griffith landed a starring role in The CW's zombie drama, "Awakening," which did not go beyond the pilot episode last May.

Another report at TVLine indicates that the series may be casting the role of Alcide's father, as well as several other werewolf roles as the fallout from Marcus' death unfolds.

The fifth season of "True Blood" will debut in the summer of 2012.